Thy Kingdom Come 2019

Thy Kingdom Come 2019

In 2016, our Archbishops put out a call for all Christians to pray for other people to come to faith in Christ.

People in countries all around the world and from many different backgrounds have joined in. This year this happens between Ascension (May 30th) and Pentecost (June 9th) giving us 10 days to focus our prayers on others and ask the Holy Spirit to move in the towns and villages where we live. Visit to find out more.

What can we do?

We encourage you to join in the world-wide movement of prayer. There are many ways to do this: why not look for one that suits you?

  1. Pray for 5: Commit to pray for 5 people to find faith in Jesus. Pray every day that they might know his love and blessing in a new and real way.
  2. Walk and Pray: We are challenging St John’s to walk down every street in our parish and quietly pray for those who live and work there. Look out for the map in the church hall to mark off the streets we have travelled down. (If you don’t live in Chilcompton or Stratton on the Fosse, you could pray for the street where you live.) Prayer cards provided by the map.
  3.  Gather to pray: St John’s Church, Chilcompton, will be open every evening 7-7.30pm for evening prayer. Come along and pray in the company of others.


    #somersetrocks Here in Bath and Wells we are making use of stones as an image of God’s reliability to help us pray. Why not say a prayer and add a stone to the cairn at the base of the Easter Cross by our gate.